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Aerial Photography

Construction Photography

Aerial drone photography is rapidly becoming a critical resource in the construction industry.  Benefits of drone photography start with the planning process and continue through job completion.  This service is effective by providing the ability to document and monitor activities on the jobsite.  Upon completion of construction aerial drone photography can contribute to unique marketing materials.

Accident Photography

The use of aerial drone photography at accident scenes provides a valuable perspective from above, instead of strictly on the ground.  Data collected with drone technology can be used to develop aerial mapping and 3D modeling.  Significant data is gathered efficiently and without interrupting traffic.

Service Territory

Mid-State Claims Service provides aerial drone photography and videography across North Dakota and western Minnesota.  Travel expenses can be reduced by coordinating assignments where time allows.  Emergency assignments are accepted when rapid response is required.  Please call (701) 391-9304 if your assignment is an emergency.


Service rates vary by assignment.  A minimum charge of $250.00 applies to all assignments within 50 miles of Bismarck and includes travel and setup time.  Please contact Mid-State Claims Service to discuss your assignment and we can offer an estimated project budget.